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The Benefits of Modular Rooftop Safety Solutions

The Benefits of Modular Rooftop Safety Solutions

Throughout North America, property managers and commercial building owners are embracing modular rooftop safety solutions on an industry-wide scale. In the latest learning resource from Skyline Group, our safety experts examine why modular safety products have seen such a rise in popularity.

Here at Skyline Group, decades of experience has taught us that when it comes to investing in rooftop safety solutions, property managers and building owners have a number of concerns before proceeding with installation. 


Rooftop Safety Solutions: Understanding the Pain Points

Whilst these concerns will differ according to the specific safety requirements of a given rooftop, we often receive inquiries on the following challenges:

  • Cost: For the vast majority of organizations, installing rooftop fall protection systems represents a major investment. In many cases, we have seen instances where safety solutions are installed to meet the minimum requirements of Canadian provincial legislation – a decision driven largely by concerns around the expenses they entail. This presents challenges of its own, where a mere ‘box-ticking’ approach to legal compliance often leaves significant safety gaps for workers at height. When reviewing welded solutions, there is also additional labor and transportation related costs that can go unnoticed.
  • Site disruption: Another significant consideration for property managers and commercial building owners surrounds the potential disruption that installation work can have on their day-to-day business and maintenance operations. In today’s challenging market, downtime represents lost profits and lost opportunities, which can make investing in true safety an afterthought.
  • Installation time: Beyond the general site disruption, other concerns surround the installation task itself, particularly around how long that can take. This is particularly true where penetrating and fully welded solutions are employed, that often require significant changes to a rooftop layout before the systems are installed. Or the requirement of repairs to be done once the installation is completed.
  • Technical expertise: Finally, we have worked with many decision-makers who are concerned about the difficulty of installing these systems. The fact is that many organizations do not have the facility or technical expertise required to install complex safety solutions on dangerous rooftop environments. Add to the mix a complex regulated environment and being safe just isn’t as easy as it should be. 

In today’s busy and time-constrained world, these concerns are perfectly legitimate. However, an industry-wide shift is currently underway, where modular rooftop safety solutions are increasingly seen as a solution that can help navigate these common challenges. 


How Modular Rooftop Safety Systems Can Help

walkways, guardrails, and access ladders on rooftop


At Skyline Group, our modular solutions are becoming the primary choice for building owners, specifiers, contractors and building professionals across North America. With these systems offering significant benefits over welded alternatives. In the following sections, we break down these benefits.

1. Modular Solutions are Easier to Transport 

Across virtually all industries, delivery and transportation fees are on the rise. Where large systems are being delivered – such as access ladders or walkways – these costs are often expected to increase year over year.

Where modular solutions are concerned, this challenge is minimized. With these products coming flat-packed, transportation and delivery is a simple process that requires minimal space to transport or lift to a rooftop. Beyond that, their lightweight, flatpack nature means that your team can easily carry those systems to the rooftop to be installed, substantially reducing the level of time and effort involved. In some cases we have seen customers save on crane rental fees to facilitate the installation process by carrying the modular components through the service elevator and/or hatch (or doorway to the rooftop).

2. Modular Rooftop Installations Are Easy to Adjust & Adapt

caged rooftop access ladder

Time and time again, we’re seeing ease of installation as a deciding factor for property managers and commercial building owners when opting for modular rooftop safety systems. Let’s take a closer look:

  • No technicians required: By opting for a modular system, you can proceed in confidence knowing that your facility or maintenance teams will be able to complete the installation with ease. That being said, having a third party contractor install the solution will be a quick and easy process.
  • Installation manuals supplied: All of our modular solutions come with detailed installation manuals, aiding in a prompt and compliant installation. 
  • Costs reduced: This ease of installation brings new benefits when it comes to installation costs. With the ease of handling, transportation and installation, you see substantial savings in your overall project costs. While also enabling the capabilities of meeting strict deadlines.

We’re also seeing a greater focus on the materials used, and that has a major impact on how our solutions are transported and installed. For example, a small team generally prefers to work with aluminum than with heavier, harder-to-manage alternatives. For example the handling of an aluminum modular access ladder is much simpler than a welded steel access ladder.

3. Modular Rooftop Installations Are Easy to Adjust & Adapt

Skylight Railings from Skyline Group

Workers at height may require various adjustments to be made on-site to rooftop safety installations in order for a solution to fit. Where this may entail significant cost and effort with penetrating and welded solutions, this is fortunately not a concern with modular alternatives. In the event that your roof layout grows with the needs of your business, a modular system can also adapt and grow with your needs. This is not as simple when you have a welded solution already installed.

The fact is that with modular systems, adjustment and adaptation is a simple affair, requiring minimal manpower. This empowers property managers, building owners and contractors with the flexibility they need to ensure the highest levels of safety and design throughout the life of the building.

4. Minimal Changes to a Rooftop

rooftop guardrails with sunrise on the background

Where welded solutions are being installed, significant changes should be expected to a rooftop, with higher levels of noise and general disruption. This can also bring higher levels of cost in the event that any maintenance work or repair work may be required.

This is another area where modular height safety solutions can offer tangible benefits. Whilst disruption is minimal, their temporary nature means that they will have minimal impact on the structural composition of the rooftop and allow for continuity in maintaining the rooftop units.


Safety Beyond Compliance 

The benefits of modular rooftop safety systems are significant. However, the most significant advantage of these solutions lies in the fact that they don’t only meet provincial safety standards – they go beyond that, ensuring total safety and fall protection for workers at height. 


Skyline: Protecting People, Companies & Brands

Elevated safety, the trusted choice. Work with Skyline Group today and ensure your rooftop goes beyond compliance to true safety. To get started, speak to a safety expert today.

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