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An On-Site Sales Consultation will help you create safe elevated work areas that protect your people, company, and brand.

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As a building manager, commercial property owner or anyone responsible for the safety of workers at height, compliance with regulations isn’t just a legal obligation: it’s a moral requirement. Book your consultation now and protect your staff, contractors and brand with Skyline Group.

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Rooftop safety:

Why it matters

In the world of rooftop safety, we often hear terms like stakeholders, partners and standards. However, it’s crucial to remember that these terms represent real individuals who rely on you to protect their welfare. This means more than a mere roof inspection or fall hazard assessment – it means taking a holistic review of the risks faced by workers-at-height, providing solutions that create a safer environment, to ultimately change the narrative on avoidable accidents.

Our mission is to create safe elevated work areas that protect people, companies, and brands. We offer both on-site and virtual consultations to help property managers discover, define and deliver rooftop safety solutions tailored to their unique needs.

How our on-site sales consultation works

1. We visit your rooftop

A Skyline representative will confirm your On-Site Sales Consultation prior to arriving, ensuring approved access to the building. The duration of the consultation is dependent on the roof size and layout, but typically they take anywhere from a few hours to half a day.

2. We identify safety risks

Using decades of experience, we undertake a comprehensive analysis of your rooftop, identifying gaps in safety, along with opportunities to mitigate risks for workers at height. This includes a consultation on fall hazards that exist, regulations/standards that are impacted, recommended safety solutions, along with a visual overview, documenting various areas on your roof.

3. We provide safety solutions

Based on the findings of your On-Site Sales Consultation, our rooftop safety team will provide comprehensive solutions that protect your staff; from access ladders, guardrails, bumplines and walkways to crossover bridges, skylight safety solutions, roof hatch safety solutions and more.

4. We provide budgeting

Our experts work within your budgetary and operational requirements to provide a full safety solution. Throughout each stage of the process, we ensure you benefit from the most cost effective approach while maintaining a heightened focus on safety.

Our unique approach:

What to expect

Your Safety

When you schedule an On-Site Sales Consultation with Skyline Group, you will benefit from working with a company and team that puts your safety at the forefront.

Experience & Expertise

Since our inception, our mission is to create safe elevated work areas that protect people, companies, and brands. Bringing together decades of combined safety expertise, we provide the knowledge and know-how you need, helping you navigate fall protection requirements and differences in regulations across Canada.

& Design

Based on the findings of your On-Site Sales Consultation, Skyline Group provides a comprehensive toolkit of safety solutions that fall within your safety and budgetary requirements. We can also provide direction on roof layout in order to easily incorporate safety on your rooftop early on during the design phase of the project.


Cut through the legislative jargon with the expertise of our team. Designed to simplify your understanding of your rooftop and your safety obligations, our consultation makes achieving and maintaining compliance as easy as possible.

Schedule your on-site sales consultation

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An On-Site Sales Consultation consists of a roof safety or fall protection specialist reviewing the path a contractor or facility member would need to take in order to gain access to the roof and the environment in which work on the roof would be conducted. All access points to the roof, along with access to RTUs (rooftop maintenance units), gas lines, walkways are reviewed to understand how the risk of a trip or fall can be mitigated.

Every commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-home building should conduct a yearly On-Site Sales Consultation. Even though safety equipment on the roof, when installed correctly, will last for many years. There are often changes in roof layout, updated federal or provincial regulations that may need to be taken into consideration, and will impact how you gain access and work on the roof. You also want to be proactive when it comes to safety, fixing or updating a piece of safety equipment prior to a near miss or accident. Doing so will ensure that you are compliant, and mitigating the risk of an injury at dangerous heights.

We recommend that an On-Site Sales Consultation be conducted by an individual or organization that has extensive experience working at heights and is knowledgeable of the associated local requirements to ensure compliance as a base line. Just because an environment is compliant doesn’t guarantee it is safe, it is important to understand the application at hand and what is required when working at such heights.

The On-Site Sales Consultation is conducted over a few hours, depending on the layout and size of your rooftop. While on the roof all access points and areas in which someone is required to walk or work near a potential hazard are reviewed.

A yearly review is recommended. Or as needed if changes to the rooftop are being made.

You run the risk of having a non-compliant rooftop, while being criminally liable for any injury that occurs on the rooftop, per the Westray Bill (bill C-45). Most importantly, you may have an employee or roof worker that experiences a near miss or injury while working on your roof.

It usually takes anywhere from a few hours to half a day, although this will depend on the roof layout and size. Note that our safety specialist can be accompanied by a building representative or left to navigate the roof on their own, as a result your commitment from a time standpoint can be as little or as much as you’d like.

There are many rooftop hazards that we encounter, but here are a few of the more common challenges:

  • HVAC systems lacking the required roof barrier systems in order to reduce a fall hazard when maintaining the unit.
  • Solving for common trip hazards that are on the roof.
  • Current dedicated walkway is too close to the edge of the roof without a safety solution present to protect you from a fall.
  • Safety equipment that has been altered or is no longer compliant.

When encountering or identifying a hazard it is always best to reach out to your rooftop safety partner. Our team will take the time to review drawings for newly built or renovated buildings, along with reviewing any aerial pictures and/or satellite imagery to provide you with a safe and compliant roof safety recommendation.

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