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Rooftop Safety Training – Lunch & Learn

Providing Guidance and Education on Roof Safety and Compliance

The Skyline Group lunch & learn presentation is designed to provide guidance and allow us to educate our industry or anyone faced with height safety risks on how to make height safety compliance easy.



Regardless of the project stage, height safety is a concern that must not be taken lightly and we can help.

Skyline Group will schedule a time to visit your workplace and present on height safety regulations and how to identify potential risks. You will learn about rooftop fall protection and access systems and how they can be applied in various rooftop applications, along with how they can reduce the liability for property owners, and ultimately create a safer working environment.

Rooftop Safety Solutions


Rooftop Safety Solutions


Rooftop Safety Solutions


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Annual inspections of roof access and safety equipment are essential in order to ensure the site is compliant, creating a safe working environment for employees and contractors. Safety is not a set-it-and-done task; it is something we should be continually striving to improve on, and review the systems and processes that are in place, ensuring they are working as intended. Looking for improvements is part of creating a safe working environment on your rooftop. Discovering safety by accident is simply not an option.

The primary benefit of being proactive and scheduling routine inspections of your roof access and safety equipment is ensuring the safety of those working at your facility. For example, in Ontario, the occupational health and safety act states that employers and supervisors have a duty to take every reasonable precaution to protect a worker. Completing an annual safety equipment inspection ensures you have done your due diligence to reduce the risk of falling from your rooftop. Making it beneficial from a liability standpoint and, most importantly, the safety of each employee or contractor on-site. 

An inspection of the access and safety equipment found on your rooftop includes the following:

  •  A meeting prior to arriving on-site to ensure there is a clear understanding of the layout of the roof and the areas of great concern. If available, we may ask for a list of equipment along with drawings to help prepare ourselves for the site visit.
  • A scheduled on-site visit with one of our fall protection specialists, where we will be reviewing the guardrails/barriers, access ladders, crossovers, walkways and more for any concerns with the integrity of such solutions.
  • A report is created based on our findings and shared with your team. The report will include the reviewed equipment and short-term and long-term recommendations.
Contact our fall protection safety specialists team to learn more and receive a detailed explanation of the process. 

An inspection report of the safety equipment found on your rooftop will help identify areas of concern and which products may need to be updated or replaced to keep the solution’s integrity. By being proactive in your journey to creating a safe working environment, you are not only creating a safe working environment but also staying compliant with local regulations. Ultimately reducing liability concerns and the personal liability of the building owner/employer (per the Westray Law Bill C-45).

Depending on the damage to the equipment, there may be an opportunity to replace a section of the unit. For example, if over time a guardrail post has corroded and is no longer secure, if the system is modular, then simply replace the post. If the unit is fully welded or has multiple areas of concern then it may be more cost-effective to replace it with an up-to-date solution.

Fill out the form below if you would like one of our safety specialists to contact you to discuss the inspection program further.

Here is a brief overview of the process when scheduling a rooftop inspection.

  • Submit the form below to start the inquiry process.
  • A safety specialist will contact you, provide you with the process, and book your first meeting.
  • During your first meeting, you will discuss the safety solutions found on your rooftop along with the layout of your rooftop.
  • An on-site visit is scheduled with a key contact that will be on-site to ensure we have approved access to the roof.
  • You can choose to accompany the safety specialist along the review process.
  • A meeting is scheduled to review the findings, with the report provided prior to the meeting.
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