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Warning Line Systems Protecting Rooftop Workers from a hazard

A roof delineator system is used as a bumpline on a roof where access is required ; however close access to the roof-edge itself is not. The fall protection warning line keeps roof personnel from getting close enough to an edge where they would be at risk of a fall. As a result, you can potentially avoid having to install a guardrail, making the RoofLine series a more cost-effective safety solution.

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RoofLine Series

Self Ballasted Warning Line System

If looking for a warning system that alerts roof personnel of a potential hazard approaching, the RoofLine solution may be your best option. It is often used to create a safe perimeter around a working area or skylight that is over 6 feet away from the roof’s edge. This system can also be used in conjunction with our array of guardrail solutions.

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Bumplines and Roofbarriers

An example of how bumplines and roofbarriers can be used alongside one another.

If the bumpline system is an enclosed square, add “C” to the end of the code. All configurations are based on maximizing spacing between upright posts up to 48’.

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Bumplines and warning lines differ greatly from guardrails, it is important to understand that the sole purpose of bumplines is to warn you of a hazard. They are primarily used to restrict access or warn of a hazard ahead preventing you from accessing that area without the required safety precautions or approval from the property management team.

Bumplines can only be used as a means of warning a worker of danger ahead. If your sole purpose is to restrict access, where that access is far away from the hazard, a bumpline may be suitable. But once you are requiring access to an area that has a nearby hazard, such as being 6 feet away from the roof edge, a guardrail is required to proactively prevent a fall. When it comes to defining the application of a bumpline it can get challenging, it is always best to reach out to your safety partner for a proper assessment of your application. At Skyline Group, our safety professionals provide a free consultation and layout recommendation for guardrails and bumplines. Contact us to learn more.

The bumpline is a high tensile galvanized steel cable with a high visibility PVC coating that includes high visibility flags for quick and easy viewing year round. The system is easily integrated with our guardrail system and utilizes the same weighted base plates.

Placement varies depending on your local safety regulations. Ideally it should be at a distance that warns you of an upcoming hazard, not at a distance to protect you from the hazard. As a result, it is important that you work with your safety partner to design a safety plan and the location of where the bumpline units will be placed.

Yes, there are safety regulations and standards that impact the placement of a warning line system. For example if your building is located in the province of Quebec, then there are also regulations around the distance between the flags on the chain of the bumpline, along with the distance as to where the system is placed.


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