Access Ladders

fixed access ladders help you Reach new heights safely

Our fixed roof access ladders ensure a high level of safety and compliance for accessing rooftops, hatches, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. They can be permanently mounted to any building structure, and due to their modular design can be manufactured in an endless array of sizes and configurations.

A modular aluminum roof ladder that is quick and easy to assemble and fasten to any building wall material. Can be seamlessly integrated with a guardrail installed at either side of the ladder to provide the maximum in height and fall protection. These access ladder systems can also be paired with a ladder cage, security door and/or a walkway/platform system.

A modular aluminum roof ladder that provides the highest degree of safety when ascending and descending. Depending on your application and local regulations, ladder cages are simply not enough. Lifeline access ladders include a stainless steel cable, enabling personnel to stay safely secured to the ladder throughout their climb, eliminating the risk of a fall-related injury.

Manufactured using high-grade structural aluminum or steel, our array of ship ladders can be used in various applications requiring lightweight and high strength rooftop access. These roof access ladders are non-penetrating freestanding systems that are not fixed to the roofing membrane. A common safety solution for more challenging designs, where a traditional fixed access ladder may obstruct a door or window.

The LadderBarrier is a non-penetrating system providing a safe method of accessing rooftops via a portable extension ladder. The ladder stabilizer can be installed on roofs with or without a parapet, and is considered to be both a permanent or temporary solution to gaining safe access to the roof when using an extension ladder.

A modular aluminum roof hatch ladder that is quick and easy to assemble and fasten to any wall surface . This fixed ladder can be installed on the underside of a hatch, as it comes complete with stiles that can be extended when the hatch is open for easy entry to the rooftop.


Our Roof Access and Safety Solutions can be seen across North America.

The Toronto Transit Commission Ensures Safe Access to Rooftop Units
The Toronto Transportation Commission (TTC) assumed responsibility for municipal transit services in the City of Toronto on September 1, 1921. This began an era of consolidation and expansion that accompanied and accelerated the astonishing growth of Toronto as a city.
Mohawk College Solves Tomorrow’s Height Safety Concerns Today
Mohawk College is a leader among Ontario's colleges. Deeply rooted in the local community and the present demands, they have a global perspective that addresses the needs of the future.
Decommissioning of a Non-Compliant Access Ladder
As the seasons change, so do the activities, including markets, outdoor entertainment, public rallies, fitness-related activities, and various community events.


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As rooftop safety specialists we have experience reviewing various types of commercial roofs and critical access points, ensuring a compliant and safe roof environment. In our effort to make height and rooftop safety compliance easy, we offer a complimentary virtual rooftop analysis.


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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.