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Roofers Fall Protection Kit


Roofers Fall Protection Kit

Roofers Fall Protection Kit: A reliable and quick way to store, maintain and transport your equipment. Simplifies safety for various roofing applications. 

Kit includes: Rope Grab with integral 2′ shock absorbing Lanyard, first 5-point Harness, 50′ vertical Lifeline, Reusable Roof Anchor, a plastic Bucket. 


Harness: vest style, 100% durable and lightweight polyester blue and yellow web, dorsal D-ring, pass-thru buckle leg straps, parachute torso adjusters complete the 5-point system for a perfect fit, 310lbs capacity, universal size, CSA approved. 

 roof anchor

Reusable Roof Anchor: hinged design with D-ring, installs to sloped or flat wood and metal decking roofs, durable and corrosion resistant construction, 310lbs capacity, installation screws not included, ANSI approved. 


Rope Grab with attached 2′ shock absorber: mobile rope grab for use on 5/8″ polyester/polypropylene blend lifeline, integral 2′ shock absorbing lanyard, automatically follows the user, inertia and cam locking systems, detachable anywhere along the lifeline, durable and lightweight corrosion resistant construction, built-in gravity latch for added security, 310lbs capacity, CSA approved. 


Lifeline: 50′ polyester/polypropylene 5/8″ lifeline, UV resistant, snap hook at one end sewn termination at the other, CSA approved.  

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