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Ships Ladder

Ships Ladder

The Skyline Ships Ladder is manufactured using high-grade structural aluminum, providing a lightweight, high strength rooftop access system that can be used in multiple applications. The versatile non-penetrating system can be customized to meet specific project requirements. The steel ships ladder is a non-penetrating freestanding ladder system that will not impact the roofing membrane saving installation time and potential future rooftop leaking issues.

Designed with the user in mind, the stair ladder creates safe access to varying rooftop levels, roof hatches and elevated platforms or walkways. Aluminum Ships Ladders are a safe option for difficult areas where fixed access ladders may obstruct a door or window. It meets OHSA and ANSI requirements creating both a safe rooftop environment for all workers and maintenance personnel.

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Benefits & Features

The Skyline Group Ships Ladder is suitable for most safe roof access applications. All Skyline Ladders are constructed using high-grade aluminum designed with accessibility in mind, allowing for unobstructed access to varying height entrances and access to roof hatches with limited accessibility. This fixed stair-style ladder is available with a safety ladder cage that provides a ladder safety guard and meets Canadian ladder cage codes.

No Galvanizing or paint required

Skyline Ships Ladders and componentry are manufactured from high-grade structural aluminum, tough enough to withstand the elements without being chemically treated or painted.

Short Fabrication Time

Our stair ladders are manufactured at our own facility and are made to order. This allows us to get the product to you faster by eliminating steps through the manufacturing process.

Rust Proof

To better serve our customers, we manufacture our Platform Ladders from structural aluminum. Which means they will not rust due to weather or the effects of time.

Flat Pack Shipping

Every product we produce is shipped in flat packages, making shipping and transporting your product easier and more convenient for the end-user.

Easy Assembly

Our products come fully equipped with all the componentry required for assembly as well as an installation manual. Simple tools are all that is required to be able to assemble your Ships Ladder.


All Skyline Group ladders are built to our customer specifications and can be easily adapted to suit multiple applications. Our Aluminum Ships Ladders are constructed of aluminum, making it easy to cut away material to suit your needs directly on site.

Anti-Slip Tread

We have engineered our Ladder Stairs with a grated tread that provides optimal conditions for climbing in all weather without the fear of slipping.

Built to On-Site Measurement

Each system is built to our customer’s specifications. Our Engineers create custom shop drawings incorporating all on-site measurements in order to fit your project perfectly.


Provide Roof Hatch access where space is limited

Access to doors on varying levels

Attach multiple systems to reach greater heights

Past Projects

  • City Housing Hamilton Corporation
    Location: Hamilton, ON
    Date: Winter 2019
    Description: To safely provide access to the utilities and maintenance area of this rooftop, a Ships Ladder with a Parapet Platform and Fixed Guardrails was utilized. This combination allows for easy access to this area where a normal staircase would obstruct the doorway at the base of the system. The stair ladder with handrails provides a gradual incline, rather than a completely vertical incline, to ease in the passage up and down the system when handling tools and equipment for maintenance staff.
  • Flanagan Cold Storage
    Location: Whitby, Ontario
    Date: Winter 2018
    Description: A Rooftop Ships Ladder was used in this application where access to varying roof levels was required for maintenance personnel. By utilizing the non-penetrating ladder, the client was able to save space while creating a safe and secure passage for all workers and maintain the overall integrity of their rooftop. The use of an aluminum ships ladder in this location also provides efficiency by minimizing the number of additional tools and portable ladders required by rooftop workers and withstands tough weather conditions year-round.

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