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Lifeline Ladder System

Lifeline Ladder

The Lifeline Ladder system was created with the user in mind. Rather than having to retrofit different safety products together, the system is made up of a series of kits all designed to be paired in various combinations to suit many different situations.

The system is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations, fabricated in modular sections allowing for the assembly of various ladder and access configurations to suit specific site requirements.

Accessories such as lifelines, parapet crossover platforms, and grab bar options are available for this ladder system.

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Benefits & Features

The Skyline Group Lifeline Ladder System is suitable for most safe roof access applications. Our Ladders are constructed using high-grade aluminum designed with accessibility in mind, allowing for unobstructed access to varying heights.

No Galvanizing or paint required

All Skyline Lifeline ladder kits and componentry are manufactured from high-grade structural aluminum, tough enough to withstand the elements without being chemically treated or painted.

Ready to Ship

The Lifeline Ladder system is pre-packed and waiting for you on a shelf in our warehouse so it can ship quickly.

Rust Proof

To better serve our customers, we manufacture our Lifeline Ladders system from structural aluminum, which means they will not rust due to weather or the effects of time.

Flat Pack Shipping

Every product we produce is shipped in flat packages, making shipping and transporting your product easier and more convenient for the end-user.

Easy Assembly

Our products come fully equipped with all the componentry required for assembly as well as an installation manual. Simple tools are all that is required to be able to assemble your Lifeline Ladder System.

Anti-Slip Tread

We have engineered our Ladders with a perforated tread that provides optimal conditions for climbing in all weather without the fear of slipping.


Starter Ladder can be paired with all of the kits

Step Off Platform Kit paired with the starter kit

Ladder Down Platform Kit paired with the starter kit

Lifeline Kit best pairs with ladders over 16ft

It is recommended that all users of the Lifeline Ladder System use the 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit™ Cross-Over Style Climbing Harness in conjunction in order to ensure the best possible support while climbing the ladder.


  • Toronto Montessori School Bayview Campus
    Location: Richmond Hill, ON
    Date: January 2020
    Description: Installation of the Starter Ladder Kit with 2 additional lengths, Step-Off Platform Kit & and Lifeline Kit.

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