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Fixed Access Ladders

7001 Series

Fixed Access Ladder with Handrails

The 7001 Series access ladder ensures a high level of safety and confidence for personnel accessing roof-tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms.  The commercial roof access ladders are ideally suited for areas where primary access to varying rooftop levels is required. The exterior ladder system can be seamlessly connected to the Non-Penetrating Roofbarrier System providing the highest level of rooftop access safety.

All roof access ladder systems can be equipped with a removable ladder door to protect against unauthorized use providing additional public safety. The system is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations, fabricated in modular sections allowing for the construction of endless ladder and access configurations to suit specific site requirements.

Safety Cage and Access Platform options are available for this ladder system.

Applications include roof hatch ladders providing hatch access, access to mezzanines, ceiling spaces, and roof areas.

7002 Series

Fixed Access Ladder with Parapet Mount

The 7002 Series fixed parapet ladder is made of lightweight and maintenance-free aluminum, ideally suited to provide safe rooftop access where a parapet is present.

The system includes a platform walkway with handrails to ensure workers don't trip on the parapet, providing safe and easy access to varying height applications including service platforms, roof decks, expansion joints, access doors and other maintenance areas where frequent access is required by personnel.

Ladder safety products such as a Safety Cage and additional platform options are available for this ladder system.

7003 Series

Fixed Access Ladder with Lead on Handrails

The 7003 Series fixed access ladder with lead-on handrails is ideally suited to high roofs without a parapet. The system includes a Aluminum Walkway System that ensures users are safely away from the edge of the roof when they exit.

OSHA and ANSI compliant, this system provides the ultimate protection for personnel accessing the roof and gives continuous coverage throughout the working area on the rooftop.

Applications include service platforms, roof decks and other maintenance areas where frequent access is required by personnel.

Ladder safety rail, safety cage and aluminum change of direction platform options are available for this ladder system.

Benefits & Features

The Skyline Group Fixed Access Ladder is suitable for all safe roof access applications. Our modular ladder access system is constructed using high-grade aluminum, incorporating a profiled rung design with size and spacing meeting ladder codes and regulations. This fixed Roof Access Ladder is available with a safety ladder cage, to protect the user while climbing and meets Canadian ladder cage codes. Our fixed wall ladders applications include: permanent access to elevated areas and roofs for maintenance, safe access between varying roof levels, entry into ceiling spaces and machinery platforms for plant and equipment maintenance. The Fixed Aluminum Access Ladders are vertical access ladders for flat roofs. Certified and installed to code, these fixed ladders provide safety and assurance for workers accessing roofs for equipment maintenance.


All Skyline Group Intl. permanent access ladders are built to our customer specifications and can be easily adapted to suit multiple environments. Our ladders are constructed of aluminum, making them durable enough to outlast Canadian seasons and easily adjustable to suit your needs directly on site.

Improved Safety

A standard feature included on all of our fixed Access Ladder Systems is the unique rung profile. This provides additional grip preventing users from potential slipping due to inclement weather.


Constructed of aluminum, the Skyline fixed Access Ladder's lightweight design eliminates the need for cranes and lifting equipment, making installation much safer and cost-effective.

Low Maintenance

Due to the high-grade aluminum construction, the Skyline fixed safety ladders are virtually maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant so you can worry less about staff accessing different areas of your roof throughout the year.

Rust Proof

To better serve our customers we manufacture our fixed Access Ladders from structural aluminum. Which means they will not rust due to weather or the effects of time and do not appear to age so your building looks updated and fresh for years to come.

Short Fabrication Time

Our fixed Aluminum Access Ladders are manufactured at our own facility and are made to order. This allows us to get the product to you faster by eliminating steps through the manufacturing process and ensuring every order is accurate to the end-user.

Easy Assembly

Our products come fully equipped with all the componentry required for assembly as well as an installation manual. Simple tools are all that is required to assemble your fixed Access Ladders.

Flat Pack Shipping

Every product we produce is shipped in flat packages, making shipping and transporting your product easier and more convenient for the end user. This product ships quickly whether you work in Vancouver, Toronto, or Halifax.

Anti-Slip Walkway

We have engineered our Access Ladders with a grated tread that provides optimal conditions for climbing in all weather without the fear of slipping.

Built to On-Site Measurement

Each Aluminum Access Ladder system is built to our customer’s specifications. Our engineers create custom shop drawings incorporating all on-site measurements, the perfect fit for each project.


Access from ground to rooftop area

Varying roof level access

Internal mezzanine and platform access

Access up elevated steel structures, silos, etc

Past Projects

  • YVR Vancouver Airport
    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Date: December 2019
    Description: Installation of a Ladder down to compensate for the distance between the varying roof heights to allow personnel to better access the rooftop on the central building at the YVR Airport. This was also installed in conjunction with Non-penetrating Guardrail to ensure all-around safe passage on the roof.
  • Starbucks
    Location: North Bay, ON
    Date: May 2019
    Description: Installation of an exterior roof access ladder to provide safe access to all roof-top units for maintenance personnel.
  • Tim Hortons Field - Ti-Cats Stadium
    Location: Hamilton, ON
    Date: September 2019
    Description: Installation of multiple Katt Access Ladders to provide vertical access support to the maintenance staff tending to the stadium lighting and speaker systems.
  • Maskwacis Correctional Facility
    Location: Edmonton, AB
    Date: October 2019
    Description: Installation of a Fixed Access Ladder with stiles to assist in the ability to access a roof with varying heights and durable enough to withstand western Canadian winters.
  • 33 Mill Street Complex
    Location: Toronto, ON
    Date: November 2019
    Description: This fixed access ladder with D-Grab Bars was installed onto a rooftop to provide additional access to the utility & storage unit. The ladder seamlessly integrates into the design and functionality of the building as not to disrupt the overall appearance from a birds-eye view.

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