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High-Slope Rooftop Safety Solution: A Case Study

High-Slope Rooftop Safety Solution: A Case Study

When it comes to fall protection and ensuring the welfare of those working at heights, it is critical to remember that no two elevated workspaces are the same. Here is a case study of a recent rooftop safety project delivered on behalf of a large commercial building based in the state of Texas.

Project Overview 

The safety experts at Skyline Group were contacted by the facility maintenance manager and roofing contractor, working on behalf of the building owner. The roofing contractor highlighted the challenges presented by the steep sloped roof. The layout of this rooftop created a working environment fraught with risk, with a sloped design making the safe navigation of the rooftop difficult for the building owner, facility maintenance teams and contractors alike.

man standing on Texas rooftop

Elevated Work: The Challenges

For workers employed by the building owner and facility maintenance team, attempting to access and work on this sloped rooftop brought to light a series of hazards that could potentially result in a fall.

The primary safety concern in this project was in how workers had no secure footing on a sloped part of the roof, nor access to a levelled platform. In this scenario, the inclined rooftop not only creates an environment where the worker has a higher chance of tripping or falling; it also makes it extremely difficult for that worker to conduct the work at-hand.

This sloped rooftop presented inherent safety risks not just to workers at height, such as contractors and facility maintenance teams: it also compromised the safety of those outside at ground level. This was because the incline made it difficult for workers to position tools and other equipment securely. This created a scenario where those tools could roll or fall off the roof, with potentially fatal consequences if actions were not to be taken.

Finally, when walking on this sloped rooftop, facility maintenance teams and contractors had no means of secure access, especially with the slippery roof material making it a significant challenge to gain secure footing.

man on rooftop ladder on Texas rooftop

Elevated Safety: Our Solutions

Following extensive consultations and in partnership with the roofing contractor and building owner, our team of height safety and fall protection experts got to work on specifying a comprehensive package of safety solutions including a walkway with a guardrail system, a hatch guardrail system and a fixed ladder. By providing a combination of these safety essentials, Skyline Group ensured secure access and a working environment where the risk to those workers was now minimized.

Firstly, the walkway system ensured a means of having secure footing while navigating the rooftop, with the integrated guardrail system creating an enclosed barrier. This barrier not only served as a means of increasing stability while walking for workers at height, but also created an enclosure ensuring that they take the guided pathway.

Aside from that, our next focus was on addressing the lack of safety for workers while climbing out of the rooftop hatch. By recommending and implementing a custom hatch barrier solution with a gate, our team ensured a safe means of stepping out of the hatch, with the gate closing automatically behind the worker. This negated a significant safety hazard, where an open hatch could create a fall hazard with a dangerous opening where an employee could fall through.

Finally, our implementation of a fixed access ladder provided safe access to other rooftops via a dedicated hatch. With each rooftop having anchor points, we ensured that the walkway and ladder system led workers to a safe anchor point where a barrier system wasn’t possible.

Across all areas of this project, our client saw significant advantages in the modularity of the safety solutions we provided. Their lightweight aluminum construction caught the attention of the roofing contractor as it would make for an easy and quick installation.

installed rooftop safety solution. walkways, guardrails

The Trusted Choice: Project Outcomes

The outcome of this project saw height safety transformed for our client. Our comprehensive approach established a secure and dependable work environment on a challenging sloped rooftop.

Through the implementation of a walkway system with integrated guardrails, a custom hatch barrier solution, and a fixed access ladder, we significantly minimized risk factors for workers at height. This not only ensured their safety but also enhanced operational efficiency on the rooftop.

The lightweight, modular design of our solutions facilitated a swift installation, reducing labor and transport costs, thereby offering our client a cost-effective, durable, and highly functional safety system.

Count On It: What Our Customer Said 

This project had a lot to consider. We were grateful to have the support of the Skyline team, helping with designing and providing a safety solution that checked all our requirements.”

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