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The Skyline Group lunch & learn presentation has been designed to provide guidance and allow us to educate our industry or anyone faced with height safety risks on how to make height safety compliance easy. Regardless of the project stage, height safety is a concern that must not be taken lightly and we can help.

Skyline Group will schedule a time to come to your workplace and present on height safety regulations and how to identify potential risks. You will be able to learn how Skyline Height Safety & Access Systems can be used in different applications, how they can reduce the liability for property owners, and how you can effectively assist those looking to improve safety on their roofs.

A coffee break, snack or lunch will be provided to your staff during the presentation. These sessions are quite versatile and can be booked to best accommodate the schedules of all parties involved.

For those interested, you can receive a Certificate of Participation, which can be used to claim for Continuing Education Hours.

Fill out the form below to secure your spot today. A representative will be in touch to confirm a day and make necessary arrangements.

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