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HatchBarrier System


Hatch Barrier

The 3000 Series Hatch Barrier System is an upgrade of the previous state the art hatch guard. Providing the ultimate fall protection for roof hatches. It can fit a range of roof hatch sizes due to an adjustable self-closing gate.

The Hatch Barrier has an optional set of Grab Bars (Sold Separately) to assist in the easy use of the hatch system.

ADD-ON Grab Bars

Hatch Barrier

Additional Grab Bars to aid in the exit of the roof hatch.

Benefits & Features


The Hatch Barrier system is designed to ensure simple, rapid installation with no welding required. Extremely quick and easy to install reducing on-site labor.

Flat Pack Shipping

Every product we produce is shipped in flat packages, making shipping and transporting your product easier and more convenient for the end-user.

Hassle Free

The hatch guard system works seamlessly in conjunction with other Skyline products reducing complications and issues when multiple systems are required.

Built to On-Site Measurement

Each Hatch Barrier system is built to our customer’s specifications, Our Engineers create custom drawings incorporating all on-site measurements.

Ready to Ship

The Hatch Safety Railing system is pre-packed and waiting for you on a shelf in our warehouse so it can ship quickly.


The roof hatch barrier system is pre-engineered and readily available making the system a quicker, more cost-effective option compared to other systems.

Light & Strong

Being constructed of aluminum, the HatchBarrier systems lightweight design eliminates the need for cranes and lifting equipment, making installation much safer and cost-effective.

Low Maintenance

Constructed of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel making it virtually maintenance-free. Inspect and replace any parts that have become damaged due to extreme weather conditions.


Protects against common hazards caused by roof hatch openings.

Additional support when exiting the roof hatch.

Past Projects

  • Kawartha Lakes Police Service
    Location: Lindsay, Ontario
    Date: November 2019
    Description: Installation of Skyline Group's newest product addition the HatchBarrier Hatch Guard. Installed to protect the opening of the roof hatch as well as providing safe entry and exit through the roof hatch by personnel and maintenance staff.
  • General Vanier School
    Location: Winnipeg, MB
    Date: September 2019
    Description: Installation of the new HatchBarrier Hatch Guard for the safe entry and exit to the rooftop by maintenance personnel and staff. The Non-penetrating hatch guard does not harm the roofing membrane and thus keeping the integrity of the opening, the high-visibility door can be seen in many weather conditions to assist staff when searching for the exit on large rooftops year-round.

    Installed by Oakwood Roofing

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