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Fixed Aluminum Guardrail

Fixed Aluminum Guardrail with Base Plate

Fixed Aluminum Guardrail with faceplate is ideally suited to mounting directly to the outside edge of concrete or steel parapets using the appropriate fasteners.

4001 Series

Fixed Aluminum Guardrail with Baseplate

The permanent metal railing with baseplate is a high-quality railing system for commercial and industrial applications,  ideally suited to mounting directly to concrete or steel parapets using the appropriate fasteners. Excellent as roof hatch railings to protect workers from falling through an open roof hatch and as skylight railings to prevent falls through skylights.

4002 Series

Fixed Aluminum Guardrail Steel Deck Mount

The Steel Deck Mounted Railing is  an OSHA compliant engineered custom railing system  designed to be mounted to steel profiled roof deck providing fall protection at or near an edge. It can provide complete perimeter fall protection or protection for specific areas of your roof and is made to work with standard commercial flat roofs, low slope roofs, conventional seam metal roofs, and corrugated metal roofs.

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Benefits & Features


The fixed metal guardrail system is designed to ensure simple, rapid installation with no welding required. Extremely quick and easy to install reducing on-site labor.

No Galvanizing or paint required

All edge protection railing systems and componentry are manufactured from high-grade structural aluminum, tough enough to withstand the elements without being chemically treated or painted.

Light & Strong

Being constructed of aluminum, the permanent guardrail's lightweight design eliminates the need for cranes and lifting equipment, making installation much safer and cost-effective.

Tidy Appearance

The steel guard rail has a uniform layout that can be powder coated to help resist discoloration, providing a long-lasting unobtrusive height safety solution.


The fixed guardrail systems are pre-engineered and readily available making the system a quicker, more cost-effective option compared to other systems.

Low Maintenance

The fixed guardrail system is constructed of high-grade aluminum making it virtually maintenance-free. Inspect and replace any parts that have become damaged due to extreme weather conditions.


The fixed guardrail system meets OSHA, OSHA, and OBC standards. Providing safe and compliant  access to rooftop equipment and fixtures for all personnel.

Hassle Free

The fixed fall protection system works seamlessly in conjunction with other Skyline products reducing complications and issues when multiple systems are required.


Angled Roof

Flat Roof

Mounted to Roof's Edge

Mounted to Outside of Roof

Past Projects

  • Trafagan Energy Center
    Location: Sheridan College, Oakville, ON
    Date: July 2018
    Description: Service platform installed around cooling towers with side-mounted railings
  • Adult High School
    Location: Ottawa, ON
    Date: August 2018
    Description: Installation of handrails at the Ottawa Adult High School.
  • Maskwacis Correctional Facility
    Location: Edmonton, AB
    Date: October 2019
    Description: Guardrail installed on a permanent structural bridge between two building rooftops to prevent falls over the roof edge and aid in safe travel by maintenance staff.

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