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Elevated Work, Elevated Safety: How Skyline Protects Your Brand

Elevated Work, Elevated Safety: How Skyline Protects Your Brand

When it comes to rooftop safety, the primary focus is on protecting those people who use your building; including facility teams, maintenance staff and contractors. However, the safety at the heart of your rooftop operations has broader implications, impacting not just workers at height, but your brand as a whole. In an exclusive insight from our safety experts, we explore how taking the right safety measures protects your brand integrity. 


Rooftop workers face significant risks in their day-to-day work. The sad fact is that these risks continue to be reflected in the statistics: more than 42,000 Canadians are injured every year in work-related falls, representing 17% of lost-time injuries. The cost is significant – not only in terms of the lives and families effected – but also in the financial ramifications, with the average settlement for a slip and fall case in Ontario reaching anywhere between $10,000 to $418,000.

However, beyond these very real consequences lies a hidden cost: the disastrous impact that such incidents can have upon a brand. It takes much work to build a positive brand identity, but just one accident can bring that work crashing down. 

The Impact of Accidents on Brand Integrity 

While fines can be paid back, the damage to a brand’s reputation can, in some cases, be irreparable. This can damage profits, hinder recruitment efforts and even lead to closure of the business.

Let’s take a look at each of these impacts in more detail:

  • Loss of reputation: In today’s competitive market, trustability is ranked among one of the most important factors for the modern day consumer. By demonstrating that you have failed to take sufficient measures to safeguard the lives of those who work for you, your brand can be expected to deal with the related consequences.
  • Damaged profits: Your reputation is directly linked to your levels of profitability. Rooftop safety solutions focus on protecting lives – but we cannot ignore the fact that it also protects your organization’s bottom line.
  • Impacts on recruitment: If you fail to recognise the importance of health and safety, your business may face a decrease in productivity and an increase in staff turnover as morale falls. As an additional consequence, you may face difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff. We see this becoming a bigger challenge when a company is located in a smaller town that relies on nearby talent.

How Skyline Protects Your Brand

Here at Skyline Group, we believe in a holistic approach that focuses on building a culture of safety, as opposed to meeting the bare minimum in terms of provincial safety requirements. Here’s how we do it:

  • A custom approach: No two brands – nor two rooftops – are the same. That’s why we approach each of our projects in a way that is personalized to their unique safety requirements. Our safety experts may visit to survey your rooftop, identifying opportunities to improve safety across all access points. Our approach minimizes the risk of fall or injury as much as possible, keeping the risk of reputational damage to the most minimum degree possible.
  • The value of knowledge: By creating a culture of safety in your company, you can ensure that the risk of injury – and reputational damage – is a consideration for all members of staff. Through our industry-leading training services, you will learn about rooftop fall protection and access systems and how they can be applied in various rooftop applications, along with how they can reduce the liability for property owners, and ultimately create a safer working environment.

If you’re a commercial building owner or property manager, our advice is simple: don’t discover safety by accident. Make sufficient preparations now to protect your workers: their lives – and your brand reputation.

Protect Your Brand with Skyline Group

The power to protect your people, your company and your brand is in your hands. Discover elevated safety with Skyline Group. To get started, browse our full range of rooftop safety solutions or speak to one of our safety experts today.


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