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About Skyline Group

Our Mission

To create safe elevated work areas that protect people, companies, and brands.

Our Vision

To become the North American trusted choice for safe elevated work areas.

Our Values

Easy to install, easy to work with. We simply make rooftop safety and compliance easy.

Your Safety Partner in a
Complex Regulatory Landscape

At Skyline, we understand the intricacies of Canada’s provincial and national safety regulations. We recognize the challenges building operators, specifiers and contractors face in maintaining safety compliance while juggling numerous responsibilities. Our team of experts are here to provide guidance, clarity, and solutions tailored to your specific safety needs.

Meeting Your Safety Challenges

Varying Regulations

Navigating the nuances of safety regulations that differ from one province to another is no small feat. Each jurisdiction may have its unique requirements and standards, making it challenging to maintain a cohesive safety strategy.

Constant Updates

Height safety regulations are subject to change, and staying up-to-date with the latest revisions can be a full-time job in itself. Failure to comply with updated regulations can result in compliance gaps and increased risk.

Interpretation Hurdles

The language and interpretation of height safety regulations can be complex. Deciphering what each regulation entails and how it applies to your specific situation requires expertise.

Our Approach


We’ll help you decipher the regulations relevant to your location and industry, ensuring your safety strategy aligns with current standards, while keeping your business needs at the forefront.


Our commitment to staying informed means you’ll receive timely updates on regulatory changes, so you are remaining compliant.


We tailor our safety solutions to your unique requirements, ensuring you meet and exceed provincial safety requirements.

Don’t let complex regulations hinder your commitment to safety. Contact Skyline today and let us be your safety partner in navigating Canada’s intricate safety landscape.

Safeguarding Lives, One Roof at a Time.

Here at Skyline, we design and build height safety solutions for professionals, by professionals. We’ve developed a streamlined methodology that empowers property managers and facility maintenance teams to take the wheel, customizing safety solutions that precisely meet your rooftop’s unique needs.

Step #1: Discover

Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know. Beginning with a site visit, our team of height safety specialists will offer their support, guidance, and experience in understanding the layout of your elevated work area. Ensuring there is a comprehensive understanding of your unique safety requirements and challenges. This first step in our 3D process is critical to our success and allows us to tailor a solution that best meets the needs of your elevated work area, delivering maximum safety and efficiency to your building.

Step #2: Define

Based on our findings and discussions during discovery, our team will produce designs that reflect a safer elevated work area. Designs are then presented for your review and approval, ensuring that the final solution and working environment will meet your safety needs. We also provide budgetary pricing, delivering a clear understanding of the scope of the project. At this point in the 3D process, you will have an in-depth understanding of your safety requirements and most importantly be able to pair fall hazards with solutions.

Step #3: Deliver

Our project management team is available to guide and coordinate the delivery of your safety solution. Creating a smooth transition from design, to stamped engineered drawings, onto installation. Based on your project needs, our team can oversee the installation. Ensuring that the installation is carried out to the highest standard, further reinforcing our commitment to protecting your people, your company, and your brand.

Through our 3D process, we deliver a safe and efficient elevated work area.
Reach out to our team to learn more.

Why Choose Skyline?

Modular Design

The modular design of our safety systems greatly simplify the assembly process, making it both straightforward and fast to install. Whether our system is being assembled by your team or a third-party contractor, you benefit from a setup process that not only accelerates project timelines but also significantly lowers labor costs: ideal for strict deadlines while reducing on-site work hours.

Meets codes & safety requirements

When you work with Skyline, you benefit from rooftop safety solutions that are meticulously designed to align with North American safety standards, ensuring compliance across various regulations. All of our products adhere to rigorous safety codes, meaning you can proceed in confidence knowing your rooftop meets the highest safety requirements in your area.

Fast, easy shipping

Here at Skyline, we understand that safety simply can’t wait. That’s why our shipping process is designed for your efficiency and convenience, with components readily available in-stock. Our streamlined process significantly reduces lead times, meaning you can proceed with your height safety improvements without interruption or delay.

Quotes in 24 hours

Our experienced team of rooftop safety experts expedite your journey with us from quote to delivery, ensuring you receive a quote within 24 hours. Our unwavering commitment to facilitating easy access to elevated work areas, while streamlining your project’s timeline and simplifying the process of securing safety solutions on your roof, is our business.

Custom quotes & drawings in 5 days

We pride ourselves on our agility and speed when reviewing your project requests, guaranteeing that you receive detailed quotes and stamped drawings within just 5 days. This swift turnaround allows you and your team to review and proceed without the usual delays associated with custom solutions and stamped drawing requests. Ultimately, enabling you to maintain strict project deadlines while simplifying project planning.

Trusted by Professionals

Brands we work with

Your Roof
Safety Partners

Each member of our staff has extensive knowledge and training with our products to provide the highest level of service. Through collaboration, teamwork, and innovation we are making height safety compliance easy and are proud to be your partner in rooftop height safety!


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