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We are Skyline Group: the North American trusted choice for safe elevated work areas. All your rooftop safety and compliance needs under one roof. Go beyond compliance and ensure true safety for workers at height.


To create safe elevated work areas that protect people, companies, and brands.

Safeguarding Lives,

One Roof at a Time.

In the building community we often use terms like stakeholders, partners and compliance standards. But behind these words are people – real individuals who depend on your buildings safety, from maintenance teams and contractors to partners who entrust their well-being to you and your structures.

Your responsibility extends far beyond mere compliance with regulations; it is a moral obligation to protect the lives of those who work and/or visit your properties.

At Skyline Group, we understand the weight of this responsibility. That’s why we partner with contractors, architects, facility maintenance teams and property managers like you to elevate rooftop safety. We help in sourcing compliant rooftop safety solutions that take roof safety to new heights.

Comprehensive Roof Safety Systems

Protect rooftop workers and service crew from injury with our innovative. modular height safety and fall protection solutions.

Modular, Fast & Easy

Modular Design

The modular design of our safety systems greatly simplify the assembly process, making it both straightforward and fast to install. Whether our system is being assembled by your team or a third-party contractor, you benefit from a setup process that not only accelerates project timelines but also significantly lowers labor costs: ideal for strict deadlines while reducing on-site work hours.

Meets codes & safety requirements

When you work with Skyline, you benefit from rooftop safety solutions that are meticulously designed to align with North American safety standards, ensuring compliance across various regulations. All of our products adhere to rigorous safety codes, meaning you can proceed in confidence knowing your rooftop meets the highest safety requirements in your area.

Fast, easy shipping

Here at Skyline, we understand that safety simply can’t wait. That’s why our shipping process is designed for your efficiency and convenience, with components readily available in-stock. Our streamlined process significantly reduces lead times, meaning you can proceed with your height safety improvements without interruption or delay.

Quotes in 24 hours

Our experienced team of rooftop safety experts expedite your journey with us from quote to delivery, ensuring you receive a quote within 24 hours. Our unwavering commitment to facilitating easy access to elevated work areas, while streamlining your project’s timeline and simplifying the process of securing safety solutions on your roof, is our business.

Custom quotes & drawings in 5 days

We pride ourselves on our agility and speed when reviewing your project requests, guaranteeing that you receive detailed quotes and stamped drawings within just 5 days. This swift turnaround allows you and your team to review and proceed without the usual delays associated with custom solutions and stamped drawing requests. Ultimately, enabling you to maintain strict project deadlines while simplifying project planning.

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Trusted by Professionals

No project is too small or large for our design team, we understand that every application has its unique challenges.

This is why all custom fabrication is done locally by certified welders that have an in-depth knowledge of your rooftop safety standards and requirements. Height safety solutions that are designed and manufactured by professionals, for professionals.

Brands we work with

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