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The past twelve months here has seen a huge amount of positive growth including company acquisitions and the addition of more staff to serve you better. As of April 2015, the combined group of Cougar Company and Skyline will have a new logo and operating name; we will be known as Skyline Group - committed to providing quick, easy access to innovative safety equipment. See our open letter here and find out how we work below.


Design-build safety systems are old hat. We carry modular systems that are quicker to ship, easier to install, and have more safety features. Think about it – a custom fabrication shop is not exclusive to railings and therefore doesn’t spend a lot of time developing them. We concentrate on our areas of expertise and constantly improve and upgrade our products to meet current standards and increase the safety of workers; it’s what we do. 


Site Survey & Consulting: We will meet with you on the jobsite to see your project for ourselves and go over your requirements. If the building is still just an idea, we can work off blueprints as well. With our knowledge of codes and legislation, we will make proposals showing any required upgrades to bring your rooftop and roof access safety up to code.

Design & Engineering: Our drawings department will churn out drawings and concept renderings of the proposed system. We can have the drawings stamped by our Professional Engineer or we will work with your engineering team – we’re pretty flexible that way.

Installation: We have a growing network of installers. Whatever your project, we will match you up with a qualified installer.


We work with expert designers to come up with the best safety systems. By taking care of applicable codes and other details, we will ensure your design is compliant without you wasting time on it. Our people are responsive, communicate well, and we all enjoy our work to the max; we look forward to working with you too.



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